Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Little details about me. I’m an unapologetic southern girl. Raised on Tupelo honey and Memphis barbecue. So the love of food is in my blood. One day, after brainstorming about what to do with this blog, it hit me. Why not combine my two loves? Food and Stories. And that was it. Moscato Wishes, Buttercream Dreams was born.

I am combining cupcakes and wine with the stories but don’t think for one second that’s all I crave because right now it’s a cheeseburger. But I decided I want to make this like a cocktail type of atmosphere, on the computer, with a little discussion on a favorite story. Cupcakes and wine came to my mind and here we are. There may be a few other food visitors, I might spotlight a great meal I’ve had, or a new cocktail fascination but for the most part, we will stick with the cake and wine. The stories will be consistent though. A good book, a good movie, or a good television series.

I am an entertainment blogger, with guest postings on Black Girl Nerds. And most of my action is on Twitter. So check me out @mwishesbdreams

And if you like your minutes with me, make your voice heard! Enjoy!


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