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I started the idea for this website some years ago, maybe around 2010 or 2011. I was just trying to write about the things I like to do, and let the pieces come together on their own. And the pieces have changed a couple of times but I’m still here, so I would say that’s a success!

There is a new episode (or new post) every month, containing a spotlight cupcake (now officially made and produced by me!), a spotlight cocktail (mainly wine), and a spotlight movie or book. And usually if I pick a movie, it was a book first. Because I’m a writer and the book will always be better.

New things 2018.

Check out the Buttercream Dreams tab please. Here’s the thing. I have a love of bakeries. And a love for books and stories. And a love for people affected by autism.

I have no idea how to do this but something in my spirit will not let go. So I am setting some small goals and seeing where the small goals will lead me.

Buttercream Dreams, a cupcakery, where you come in, go to an area to eat the spotlight cupcake, go to an area to read a copy of the spotlight book, or go to an area to watch the spotlight movie. We will employ some young adults with autism and also have a reading tutoring program for children with autism.

A social benefit small business.

It is written so it’s done, right?

So keep up with our progress on the Buttercream Dreams tab, I will post all visuals there. And below is a link to help, if you have a generous heart.

Thank you for stopping by!


-Natasha P.





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